14 FEBRUARY 1903, Page 3

In a letter to Friday's Times Admiral Cochrane again re-

turned to the charge with an answer to Colonel Kinkel], in which he asks him the following questions :—" Does he assert that he, Colonel Kinloch, demanded from him [Colonel Ricardo] the punishment of the subalterns of his battalion who held a Court-Martial and flogged my nephew for a mili- tary offence ? Did he protest against the guilty officers remaining unpunished ? If be did not take these steps, it is clear that he condoned the illegality." We make no comment, but as we have noticed the other letters it is only fair to put these questions on record. We have dealt elsewhere, not with this particular case, but with some general aspects of the ques- tion of subalterns' Court-Martials, and will only say once more that we strongly advise a suspension of judgment, not only in regard to the allegations against Colonel Kinloch, but in regard to those against the supreme military authorities. Gossip and ex parts statements are the worst possible guides in a heated controversy.