14 FEBRUARY 1903, Page 3

Madame Humbert and her husband made their first public appearance

in a Paris Police Court on Wednesday. Madame Humbert was brought up on a charge of malicious prosecu- tion by IL Cattard, a banker, whom previous to her flight she had sued in an action for usury. The Police Court trial, which interrupts for the moment the dragging "preliminary inquiry" preceding Madame Humbert's indictment for fraud, had been awaited with a great deal of curiosity, but Wednesday's pro- ceedings resulted in little more than a series of wrangles and a rambling discourse by Madame Humbert on the alleged iniquities of H. Cattaui. On Thursday the Court was occu- pied chiefly with the examination by counsel of the ex-Senator, M. Cremieux, who, it was alleged, was connected with the money negotiations between M. Cattaui and the Humbert&