14 FEBRUARY 1920, Page 12



Sta,—I ask your help in making known among your very wide circle of readers something which will, I hope, prove'of great benefit to a large number of members of the blind community.

The directors of the Pelman Institute consulted me some time ago with regard to a course of Pelmanism for blind people, and a% the result of our discussions they generally decided to devise a special course of Pelmanism for the Blind. The National Institute for the Blind undertook to print in Braille the necessary forms and booklets, and the whole project is now complete.

The Pelman Institute have been so liberal as to make no 1 charge for the work of their experts, and are also making no charge to those blind people who -care to avail themselves of the opportunity offered. The National Institute for the Blind has also done the whole of the printing work gratuitously, so blind people who wish to avail themselves of this course, which has been specially condensed and prepared for their benefit, have only to signify their desire to do so by addressing a communi- cation to the Secretary of the Pelman Institute, 4 Bloomsbury Street, London, W.C.

We are able to reach a good many blind people of whose existence we know, but there are many thousands outside this circle, and I trust'that you will be so kind as to allow this letter to be the means of informing them of the helpful generosity of the Pelinen Institute.—I am, Sir, &e.,


National Institute for the Blind,

221-G-8 Great Portland Street, W. I.