14 FEBRUARY 1920, Page 3

M. Millerand, speaking on foreign policy in the French Cliambet

on Friday week, said that the decision of the Allies to open trade with the Russian Co-operative Societies did not mean that thej would enter into relations with the Bolsheviks. If the goodt imported into Russia were used for the Bolshevik armies, ship meats would cease. M. Millerand expressed the belief that the reverses of the Volunteer armies were not irreparable. If Poland were attacked by the Bolsheviks, the Allies would, he said, lend her their " utmost support." The French Premier stated that France would insist on Germany fulfilling the Peace terms that affected French interests. Germany had failed to deliver the stipulated amount of coal to France. He would therefore warn her that she had broken the Treaty in this respect. He added significantly that the length of the Allied occupation of the Rhineland depended on Germany's honesty in carrying out the terms of the peace.