14 FEBRUARY 1920, Page 3

The German Government apologized to the Allies for Baron von

Lersner's theatrical refusal to transmit to Berlin the list of war criminals whom Germany is required by the Peace Treaty to deliver up for trial. The Allies sent the list through the French Diplomatic Agent at Berlin. It contains nearly nine hundred names. The British section of the list includes Admiral von rirpitz and six other Admirals who ordered the U '-boats to sink merchantmen without warning, and some of the worst of the '-boat commanders, including Kiesewetter and Patzig, who deliberately torpedoed and sank two hospital ships. Admiral Schroder is arraigned for the judicial murder of Captain Fryatt. Several German Generals are named as having forced British prisoners to work under fire on the Western Front. Enver Pasha is " wanted " for ordering our unhappy British and Indian soldiers from gut to be marched through the Syrian Desert, where many of them died. The French demand the surrender of the Crown Prince on charges of theft and arson, and of the Crown Prince of Bavaria, who forbade quarter to be given to British prisoners. We have written on this subject elsewhere.