14 FEBRUARY 1920, Page 3

The plebiscite in Northern Slesvig, under the terms of the

Peace Treaty, was held on Tuesday. The native inhabitants decided, by a vote of three to one, that they wished to resume their Danish nationality of which they were forcibly deprived by Prussia in 1864. As soon as the result is proclaimed by the Allied Commission, the Danish Government will occupy the district. Within the next five weeks a similar plebiscite will be taken in Central Slesvig, including Fiensborg. In this case, however, each parish will be treated as a separate unit. An Allied Commission, with one Danish and one German member, will then delimit a new frontier which will, as far as possible, leave the Danish parishes to Denmark and the German parishes to Germany. The Allies have shown commendable moderation and impartiality in their treatment of the Slesvig problem. rheir task has not been made easier by the strong pro-German sympathies of the Socialist Government at Copenhagen, who seemed unwilling to reclaim any part of Slesvig.