14 FEBRUARY 1941, Page 16

Medicinal Herbs No paragraph of mine has created more interest,

I think, than that in which, late last summer, I gave some details of the current prices of medicinal herbs. The year was too old and the blitz too vigorously young to enable possible collectors of herbs to have much luck. Among other misfortunes, the . wholesale herbalists, Brome and Schimmer, were bombed out and their stock destroyed. Ever since that time correspondents, from as far away as Kenya and South Africa, have written to ask for details of how to gather herbs and dispose of them and to inquire if Messrs. Brome and Schimmer are still in existence. I am glad to say that they are in existence, trading vigorously and paying occasional cheques, I believe, to enter- prising Spectator readers. Very shortly I hope to give their new address and some idea of their current requirements and prices. Meanwhile it should be remembered that there exists this year an excellent opportunity not merely to gather herbs, but to cultivate them. Many are annuals of simple cultivation, seeds of which may be bought from most regular catalogues.