14 FEBRUARY 1941, Page 2

" We Are Going to Win "

Though every word that Mr. Churchill has spoken since he became Prime Minister has acted like a tonic to the nation and has helped to inspire it with his own confidence in ultimate victory, he has never concealed the dangers that lay ahead or omitted to warn us against easy optimism. Remembering how careful he has always been never to over-state the case, listeners to his broadcast last Sunday will have been the more impressed by his reassuring words. This time he had a record of successes to call to the mind of his audience—the gallant achievements of the Greeks, the brilliant conquest of Cyrenaica, and the suc- cesses of the Fleet and the Air Force in the Mediterranean—and could show that these were real contributions towards the winning of the war. He was far from neglecting the " darker and more dangerous aspects " of the war, the coming intensive attacks on our shipping, and especially the formidable threat of invasion. And in this connexion he wisely pointed cut that the Nazi failure last year must not make us under-estimate the weight of any new attack. Hitler may make, for the attempted invasion last autumn was an improvised affair, and his next effort will be far more elaborately prepared. None the less. turning to the Bulgarians, he tells them that they are blind if they do not see that we are going to win ; and addressing Americans he says " Give us the tools, and we will finish the job." Whilst he calls upon his own people to prepare for the worst and leave nothing to chance, he tells the rest of the world to put confidence in us, and we shall not fail.