14 FEBRUARY 1941, Page 5

In an article in another column the American correspondent of

The Spectator mentions that the production of aeroplanes in December was no more than 700. Disappointing as that figure is in one sense, it inspires confidence in another if compared with a second figure quoted by Mr. William Knudsen, who controls arms production in the United States, in an interview in Wednesday's Daily Mail. " Our plane production rate passed the x,000 a month mark last month [January]," said Mr. Knudsen, " of course this month the figure will be higher than that." If the ratio of increase as between December and January is maintained, the February figure should be very con- siderably higher, though the expected total for the year is not put higher than 16,000 machines. That is a good deal lower than the presumed output of either Great Britain or Germany, but Mr. Knudsen's ultimate aim, perhaps realisable in 1942, is 36,00o a year. What proportion of the output comes to Britain is for the President to decide.

* * * *