14 JANUARY 1832, Page 12


Who comes first in thy dark train, first day of the season? me WINTER, in snowy cloak, so cold, grim, and drear ; To stop tax-plundered, pension-robbed, wretches front—treason

He comes to wish all of them a merry new year !

GM a poor friend do better, for those who've no home, Than offer the quiet and repose of a tomb ? Hum! hurra, for a merry new year !

And who follows next, after that joyous guest ?

'Tie INDIAN CHOLERA, spasmcd, livid, and sore; To those who've a home, but scanty food and thin vest, ne comes to wish each of them a merry new year! And is it not went() give inf:ction's kind ru.13 To the wretch whom the Corn-laws have left without grub? Marra! hurra, for a merry new year !

And who follows then, with flaming firebrand and sword?

'Tis VENGEANCE, to whose soul blood aud ruin are dear ;

To the pensioned, tax-eating., power-seizing, fool Lord, He rushes swiftly to wish a merry new year !

And is it not right, that the wrongs of ten ages

Should, one day, bring those who commit them, their wages?

Barra! hurra, for a merry new year!

Lo ! now they swing round, in the merry, merry dance! Saw e'er ye so strange and so frightful a gambol? Wh ite.Winter, red Vengeance, and bloc Pestilence,

Of "the flag of the free " so dreary a symbol !

I3ut they dance o'er the soil, reft of hurdling and slave ; And they know its next crop's for the free and the brave !

Ifurra! hurra, for a merry new year !