14 JANUARY 1832, Page 12


THE nail mail received last • night mentions theacceptance of the Budget by the States-General at the Hague. It also describes the Dutch and the Belgians as prepared at all points for a contest, should any contest be the result of the non-acceptance of the treaty by the former.

It has been incorrectly reported that the Emperor NICHOLAS had rohibited the export of grain and timber from Poland: The prohibi- tion is officially denied.

The King of Prussia has granted an amnesty to such of his sub- jects as were engaged in the Polish struggle. If the violation of neu- trality be the crime of which they were guilty, FREDERICK WILLIAM ought to stand at the head of the list of those pardoned. He was, in that respect, the greatest criminal in his dominions.

A war has broken out between the Sultan and the Pacha of Egypt. According to the last accounts, the Paella had made himself master of Gaza, Jalfit, and Caffit; mid his advanced guard had pushed forward to Acre.