14 JANUARY 1832, Page 12

We announced some weeks ago, that the game was up

with Lord ASHLEY; and that, unless the Cloaks Street people came forward with a second subscription, he would not venture on contesting Mr. PONSONnY'S better title to the seat for Dorsetshire. It is now an- nounced that the young Lord will not defend his election ; and the fair conclusion is, that the Gang have refused to subscribe for the purpose of bolstering a hopeless case. Lord ASHLEY signalized his entrance into Parliament, at the close of last session, by some twaddle about reaction.

The Leeds Intelligeucer says that the Peerage was offered to Lord MILToN, and declined, chiefly because of Lord lthisrox's pledge re- specting the Corn-laws, which he wishes:to bring under discussion in the Commons in the first instance.