14 JANUARY 1832, Page 9


The Carlisle Journal says that the little flaxen-headed Duke of Brie- clorgh is, by his agents, making very strenuous efforts (moving heaven and earth, is the phrase) to get up an Anti-Reform petition among his tenants in Liddesdale. We can believe that his Grace may make strenuous efforts by his agents—he will hardly make them by him- self. This little nobleman has, in the shape of rents, a retaining fee of some two or three hundred thousand a year, as an hereditary legislator of the empire and counsellor of the King. He came up from Scotland last session for the purpose of communicating to his brother Peers the result of his investigations of the temper and views of the people there; and what was the amount? He told the House that the people of Scotland were for the Reform Bill only because they thought it would give them cheap whisky! Such was the report of the most powerful and infinitely the wealthiest nobleman in the Northern part of the island, concerning the sentiments of the best-informed and most inquiring people in the world. This is one of the great men whose independence is to be defended against the irruption of new Peers—this is a specimen of the observing and reasoning members of the Hereditary House ! We ven- ture to assert, that there is not a tiller of the soil in his widespread domains, however poor and humble, that does not understand the scope and object of the Bill better than this simple Duke ; and that there is not a shepherd on his hundred hills, from him of Ettrick downward, that would not be ashamed of making so ridiculous a representation of the opinions of his countrymen respecting it.