14 JANUARY 1843, Page 10

Bluebeard, the old original Bashaw with turban and scimitar, was

summoned hack to the stage at Covent Garden on Thursday, for the especial gratification of the juvenile visiters ; and the short notice at which his bloodthirstiness appeared after so long an absence—his glory having in the interim suffered an eclipse by the brilliancy of his mo- dern rival of Olympic celebrity—may excuse any diminution of splen- dour in his train : HARLEY, however, as primo buffo, made amends for all ; and the red fire of the last scene blazed as brightly as ever. The boxes were thickly studded w ith round, merry faces, all bursting with delight ; and Punch's Pantomime, with the aid of PAYNE'S glorious burlesque of King John, went off with reiterated explosions of laughter.