14 JANUARY 1843, Page 20



On the 6th January, at Wooston Rectory, Hants, the Lady of the Rev. ALFRED Bum

Mu.. Curate of St. George's, Leeds of a sou. On the 6th, at Holm Park, the Lady of N. B. F. Stows, Esq., of a daughter.

Ou the 8th. at Moor Hill, the Lady of the Hon. A. LASCRLLES, of a daughter. On the 8th, at Farley Hall, Staffordshire, the Lady of JOHN Brzi., Esq.,jun., of a son. On the 8th. the Wife of RICHARD Hearenztn, Esq., Barrister at-Law, of a son.

On the 10th, at the Dowager Lady Arundell's, Dover Street, the Hon. Mts. Aernua

ARUNDEL of a daughter. On the 10th, at Hackney. the Lady of the Rev. T. P. WRIGHT. of a son. On the 11th. at Brighton, the Lady SUSAN Horsask of a daughter.


On the 7th January, at Corsham, Wilts, HENRY WILCOCRS HOOPER, Esq., of Exeter. solicitor, and eldest son of Henry Hooper. Esq., of Mount Radford, Devon, to Jule Evu.r,ea, youngest daughter of the late JOHN RICHARDS, Esq., of Hythe Blackdown, Hants.

On the 7th. at Charlton Church, Kent, the Rev. Witusm Boaurr, M.A., Fellow of New College, Oxford, only son of Sir William Burnett. K.C.H., to Mum Rosana, third daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir JAMES A. Gamow, K.C.B. On the 10th, at Bishop's Hull Church, Gamma DANCE, Esq.. of the Seventy-fisst Regiment, only sou of Sir Charles Dance, of Barr House, to SARAH PEARSON. eldest daughter of the Rev. H. W. Itewuns, lucumbent of Bishop's Hull, in the county of Somerset. Ou the 10th, at Christ Church. Maryle'_one, WILLIAM Heacouter RANKING, Esq., M.D., Cantab, of Bury St. Edmund's. to LOUISA Leases, daughter of Sir Jona Cl/ur- inal MORTLOCR, one of her Majesty's Commissioners of Excise. On the 10th, at Trinity Church, Brompton, the Rev. Boom Enweae Barnou, late Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, to Louisa ANNE, second daughter of Sir Jens OS- BORN, Bart. On the 10th, the Rev. limy Ilsanur. Vicar of Brinsop, Herefordshire, to JANE, second daughter of the late W. C. BRANDRABI, Esq., of Gower Street. On the 10th, at Almoodsbury, near Bristol, the Rev. Groans HERBERT Rerroat, SOD of the Rev. Edward Repton, Prebendary of Westminster. to the Hon. ANNABILLA Cum PERT, granddaughter of the Earl of Lumina/, and sister of the present Viscount Gutirwoern.

On the 10th, at Dawlish, WILLIAM CHARLES Gaut. Esq.. late of the King's Dragoon Guards, and nephew of the late Right Hon. Sir William Grant. Master of the Rolls, to MARIA, eldest daughter of WILLIAM HENRY MAY, Esq., of Plymstock, Devon. On the llth. at All Souls'. Langharn Place, and previously according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, WILLIAM ARCHER Suez, Esq., third son of Sir Martin Archer Shea, President of the Roy al Academy. to Hsumicr-r. Widow of the late Major WILLIAM Comer, Deputy Military Secretary to the Government of India. On the 11th, at Bathwiek. EDWARD H. ANSON, Esq., youngest son of General Sir G. Anson, G.C.B., to LOUISA Cueccrrr, second daughter of Mr. G. B. Cuecorr, of Sydney Place.


On the 6th November, near CawnPoor. JANE, Wife of Captain the Hon. Robert Vernon Powys, Twelfth Regiment Bengal Native Infantry, and third daughter of the late William Beckett, Esq., of Enfield. Middlesex.

Ou the 2.3d December, at Bangor, Louis Eouwowro, Esq., of Edgeworthstown, Ireland ; in his 67th year.

On the 23d, at Lubec, of typhus fever, GERTRUDE Hestioura, Lady of Sir David Cutlynghame. of Milucraig, Burt.

On the 6th January, at the Castle, Parsonstown, the infant daughter of the Countess of Roast..

On the 6th, at Westwood Park, Worcestershire, MARY, Wife of John S. Pakington, Esq., M.P.

On the 7th, at ninon, Cambridgeshire, the Rev. Joan Ilsoorrr; in his 82d year. On the 10th. at the President's lodgings. St. John's College, Oxford, Arena, Widow of the late P. Wynter, Esq., of Aldborough, Suffolk.