14 JANUARY 1843, Page 20


Tuesday, Jan. 10.


Gem and Co. Birmingham. attornies ; as far as regards G. Gem-May and Co. Ipswich, cheese-factors-Shaw and Co. Liverpool, and Wilson, Buenos Ayres, mer- ehauts-Benbow and Co. Buenos Ayres-Villatte and Co. Buenos Ayres-Medcalf and Smethurst, Manchester. woollen merchants-Grounds and Thomasson, Manchester, small-ware mauufacturers-Bisdee and Macy, Backwell, Semersetshire, surgeons- Nichol and Heald, Necastle-upon Tyne, ship-bickers-Boughton and Co. Gloucester -Fisher and Alcock, Mansfield, lace machine makers-Gregory aud Co. Apethorpe, Northamptonshire, farmers : as far as regards W. H. Gregory-Kelly and Hilton, Liverpool, seal-engravers- Swan and Garner, Cambridge, upholsterers-Gill and At- kinson, Liverpool. wine dealers-Burling and Holder, Sheerness, tailors-Beech and Sons, Stone. Staffordshire, mercers; as far as regards their establishment at Stone- Viles and Eiger, Kennington-cross, grocers-7. and J, A. Tasker, Wareham, Dorset- shire. linendrapera-Reeves and Co. Cheltenham, riding-masters-Evans and Pettin- gell, Mount Street. Grosveroor Square. tailors -Hipkins and Dodd. Liverpool, coin- mission agents--Bushby and Co. Aldermanbury, merchants-Reyner and Co. Liver- pool, merchants-Wade and Son, Liverpool, cotton-brokers-W. and G. Field. Bir- mingham, manufacturing jewellers-Taylor and Son, Ipswich, grocers-Walters and Reeve, Basin hall Street, solicitors-Holmes and Staples, Bath, timber-merchants- Wiuton and Co. Wood Street. warehousemeu; as far as regards D. Winton-Taylor and Co. Oldham. cotton spinners; as far as regards S. Lees-Lambert and Sous, Kingston- upon-Hull, wine-merchants; as far as regards M. A. Lambert-S. and H. Blair, Little Boltou, Lancashire, bleachers-Tiley and Bacon, Reading, common brewers-T. and J. Cope. Barnsley. drapers -Jerniogham and Co. Southampton, general merchants- Cmwshay and Co. George Yard, Upper Thames Street, iron merchants-P. and P. Poncia, Birmingham, ironmongers-Maltby, Tredegar Square. Mile End, and Cuerton. Brentford, joint patentees of ao invention-Lloyd and Jones, Llandovery, drapers- Williamson and HAW, near Staleybridge. Cheshire, printers-W. and J. Weston. Leicester, hosiers-Gateshead and Tyne Shipping Company; as far as regards J. P. Faulkner-Forth Marine Insurance Company ; as far as regards F. Schultze junior- M'Crakeu and Co. Belfast, cordage-manufacturers-Mein Crythan, Chymical Com- pany, Neath. BANICRITPTCIES ANNULLED.

Bemis, Jeans/au Bornemer, Rowiogton, Warwickshire, coal-dealer. DAVIDSON, JOHN. Marton, Yorkshire, farmer. SMITH, Janes, Old Broad Street, stockbroker. BEARER, Joan, Soham, Cambridge, grocer.


BATH, WILLIAM. Bilston, brandy-merchant, to surrender Jan. 17, Feb. 15 : solicitor, Mr. Willim, Bilston; official assignee. Mr. Christie. Birmingham.

Bose. Hoaxer. Birkenhead, baker, Jan. 18, Feb. 21: solicitor, Mr. Corothwaite, Li- verpool; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.

Frrscu, Wittiam, Rickmansworth, miller, Jan. 7. Feb. 17: solicitor, Mr. Cox, Sise Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basinghall Street. Form, FREDERICK, Aldgate, draper. Jan. 13, Feb. 10 solicitors, Messrs. Bell, Bow Churchyard: official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Basingliall Street. G000rnowism. ROBERT, Newton Abbott, woollen-draper, Jan. 19, Feb. 21: solicitors, Messrs. Rhodes and Co. Chancery Lane; and Mr. Drake, Exeter; official assigner, Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter.

Holm. Wrumm, Stauningley, Yorkshire, listing maker, Jan. 24, Feb. 14: solicitor, Mr. Naylor. Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Fearne, Leeds.

HOWARD, Jones Parse, Attiebridge, Norfolk, maltater, Jan. 17, Feb. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. LincAn's Ion Fields; and Messrs. Beckwith aud Co. Nor- wich ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. Kum, WILLIAM RICHARD, Holloway. grocer, Jan. 17. Feb. 17: solicitor, Mr. Rine, Gracechurch Street official assignee. Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard. Knowtats, Groaoz, Halifax, corn-dealer, Jan. 24, Feb. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Parker and Adams, Halifax; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds. RKUPPLZ, ELIZABETH CAROLINE. Haymarket, hotel-keeper. Jan. 19, Feb. 21 : soli- citor, Mr. Jackson, Lower James Street, Golden Square ; official assignee, Mr. Gibson, Basinghall Street.

Parasols, Rooms ROBINSON, Wakefield, innkeeper. Jan. 23, Feb. 13: solicitor, Mr. Blackburn, Leeds; official assignee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

WALKER, THOMAS, Haughton-le-Skerue, Durham, grocer. Jart.23, Feb. 20: solicitors, Mr. Lever. King's Road, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Peacock, Darlington ; official as- signee, Mr. Baker. Newcastle upon-Tyne. Wurrmeassr, Thomas, Tunbridge Wells. hotel-keeper, Jan. 21, Feb. 21: solicitors. Jones and Cook, Gray's Inn Square; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. DIVIDENDS.

Feb. 2, Rowell, Cambridge, linendraper-Feb. 2. Mills, Carey Street, law-stationer -Feb. 2. Field and Crane, Bush Lane, Canuou Street, varnish-makers-Feb. 2, Boyd, Welbeck Street, ironmonger-Feb. 2, Collinson, South Molten Street. carpenter-Feb. 2, Kiug and Co. Berners Street. paper-stainers - Jan. 28. Saunders, Basinghall Street. woollen manufacturer-Feb. 2. Fanner and Saunders, Basinghall Street. woollen-ma- nufacturers-Feb. 2, Hoppe, Black friars Road. chinaman-Feb. 2, Clark and Farrow, King William Street, wine-merchants--Feb. 15. Wilkinson. Manchester, innkeeper- Feb. 7, Watford, Manchester, commission-agent-Jan. 31, Bayly, Exeter, straw-bonnet


Jan. 31, Bushell. Evesham, innkeeper-Jan. 31, Metcalfe, Cambridge, upholsterer- Jan. 31, Heaword and Beesley, Manchester, cotton spinners - Jan. 31, Rotherham, Shoreditch. draper-Jan. 31. Biggs. Coal Exchange. coal•merchant -Jan. 31, Smith, Haselor. Warwickshire. miller-Jan. 31. Bull, Bucklersbury, merchant-Jan. 31, Jaques, Leeds, flax-spiuner-Jan. 31, Ward, New Cut, boot-maker-Jan. 31, Thomp- son, Wood Street, warehouseman-Jan. 31, Blotch, Brompton, printer-Jan. 31, Gil- bert. Lawrence Lane, innkeeper-Jan. 31. Wood, Watling Street, stuff merchant-Jan. 3l, Ford, Aylesbury, grocer-Jan. 31, Morris, New Bridge, Glamorganshire, grocer- Jan. 31, Bowden, Addle Street, woollendraper-Jan. 31. Dunn, Southampton, mer- chant-Jan. 31, Laurence. Crown Court, Old Broad Street. merchant - Jan. 31, Richardson, Limehouse, timber-merchant-Feb. 3, Watts. King's Lynn, grocer-Feb. 3. Bale. Garlick Hill, wholesale-druggist-Feb. 1, Elphick, London Wall, victualler- Feb. 3, Mayor. Northampton, innkeeper-Feb. 3. Wilicocks, Bristol. cabinet-maker- Feb. 1, Charlton, Regent Street, milliner-Feb. 4, Barton. St. Helen's. Lancashire, watch movement-maker-Jan. 31, Webber, Lincoln, tailor-Feb. 3, Sorby, Sheffield, steel-manufacturer - Jan. 30, Johnson, Knaresborough, draper-Feb. 1, Lee, Leeds, wool-merchant-Feb. 2, Richardson, Leeds, wool merchant- Feb. 2, Jacob, Manches- ter, merchant-Feb. 2, Whalley, Leeds, wool-merchant.


WALLterEa, PATRICE, Aline, engineer, Jan. 19, Feb. 6.

Friday, Jars. 13.


Bennett and Sou, Bolton-le-Moors, cotton-spinuners-Shepherd and Co. South Blyth, ship-builders-Smith and Barnes, Frederick's Place, Old Jewry. architects- Franks and Thompson. Ecclesfield, paper-makers-R. S. and G. Thompson, Kingston. upon-Hull, corn-factors-Mellor and Son. Liuthwaite, clothiers-Wileockson and Lan- caster. Chesterfield. mercers-Omer and Taylor, Pall Mall, tailors-Gregory and Cook, attornies-W. and R. Gardner, Liverpool, painters-Suwton and Co. Chichester, attor- flies -A. and R. Orton. Liverpool, hosiers -Scholes and Co. Manchester, bankers ; as far as regards the executors of G. Scholes-C. and R. B. Clegg. Manchester. timber merchants-Peet and Hobson, Manchester, public accountants-Pickles, and Co. Hud- dersfield. fancy-cloth manufacturers; as far as regards J. and T. Pickles-Humble and and Co. Trimdon, Durham, iron-founders ; as far as regards l,. Wandless and E. Storey -Davenport and Co. Bahia. merchants-Haigh Foundry Company, Lancashire ; as far as regards R. R. Rathbone-Williams and Yarranton, Worcester. drapers-Wilson and M'Keand, Liverpool. merchants-F. and C. Hand, Liverpool. ironmongers- Felkin and Co. Watling Street. warehousemen ; as far as regards J. Harrison-Hewitt and Co. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchants-F. and A. Hardwick, Nottingham manu- facturers of hosiery-Rennie and Co. Greenock ; as far as regards J. M'Gibbou- Buchanan and Co. Glasgow, M'Adam and Co. Liverpool, and Buchanan and Co. Kingston, Jamaica-M•Cracken and Co. Belfast. cordage manufacturers-Pcole and Foale, Upper Southampton Street, Pentonville, brass-broom manufacturers.


BARKER, NATHANIEL, Dartmouth Street, Westminster, plumber. BREWER, THOMAS. Gloucester, appraiser.

BROADY, CHARLES, Stoke-upon-Treut, commission--agent.

BUcKLEY. WILLIAM. Kirkburton, Yorkshire, clothier.

CLARK, Evers, Melton Street, Easton Square, warehouse-clerk. COULSON, WILLIAM, St. Oswald, Durham, publican. HADLEY, JOHN, Bristol, superintendent of works. FoWWEATHIR, MARY. Sheffield. shopkeeper. FRANCES, JOHN. Upper East Smithfield. linguist. Faorr, Jogs, High Street, Wapping, victualler, GOLDS, OBED, Brighton, trader. Coop, Guiana THOMAS, Paddington Street, tailor.'

Hoye, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Southampton Row. Russell Square.

MORRIS. Josses!, 'Witham, Sussex, farm-bailiff.


PATH, WILLIAM, Preston, Keut. farmer.' Parrs, HENRY. MOlIkWearmOtIth. publican. PROCTOR, RICHARD, Walton on-the-Hill. Lancashire, bookkeeper. RumnALL, HENRY, Spencer Terrace, Islington. grocer. ScHoriELDs. JOHN, Peudleton, Lancashire, farmer.

SMART, TIMOTHY, Redruth, Cornwall, cabinetmaker.

STOKOE, Wiliam', York, joiner.

STANLEY, Thomas, Nottingham, out of business. %HEE, Joint. Durstable. Bedfordshire, dealer iu horses.

TATUM, WILLIAM, Huddersfield, cloth-manufacturer.

TIDMAR811, RICHARD, London Wall, manufacturer of Turkey pantiles. %nom, Grows FAWNERS, Fore Street, Cripplegate, commission-agent. WOITWAM, SAMUEL, Huddersfield. clothier.

WHITWAM, SAMUEL junior, Huddersfield, clothier.

WrcktiAm. Jogs, Bath, Cheesefactor.

WIESER, WILLIAM, Gravesend, pensioner as a retired captain. WORSEY, WILLIAM, Castlechurch, Staffordshire, out of business.


CAsSON, JOHN. Liverpool. corn-merchant, to surrender Jan. 27. Feb. 17: solicitors. Messrs. Sharpe, Field, and Jackson, Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Lowndes, Robinson, sad Bateson, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Liverpool. COBFIAM, GEORGE FREDERIC, and WRIGHT, WILLIAM BURT, Peckham, builders, Jan. 24, Feb. 24: solicitors. Messrs. Frankham and Dixon, Basinghall 'Street ; official as- signee, Mr. Gibson. Basinghall Street. DICKENSoN, JOHN, 'Newport. Monmouthshire, butcher, Jan. 24, Feb. 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Protheroe and Towgood. Newport; official assignee, Mr. Miller. Bristol. HENSON, James, Bury Court, St. Mary-axe, upholsterer, Jan. 20. March 3: ssolieitors Lofty and Potter. King Street, Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Baeinghall Street.

$ LAW, STEntesr, Great Portland Street, upholsterer, Jan. 20, Feb. 24: solicitors, Ramondi and Gooday, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury. ii SHIM WILLIAM, and STICHALS, JOHN, Queen's Buildings, Knightsbridge, cheese. mongers, Jan. 24, Feb. 24: solicitor. Mr. Sutcliffe, Bridge Street, Blackfriars ; official aisignee, Mr. Alsager, Medlin Lane.

WARDLE, Jogs, Griffen Street, Shadwell. merchant, Jan. 26, Feb. 24 : solicitors, Simpson and Cobb, Austinfriars ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. DIVIDENDS.

Feb. 3, Macphersou and Co. Albemarle Street, milliners-Feb. 3, T. and J. L. Rearley. Bermondsey, tanners-Feb. 6, Chapman, Cheuiea Street. dairyman-Feb. 3, Thompson, Oxford Street, dealer in paper-hangings-Feb. 2, Saunders, Basinghall Street. woollen-manufacturer-Feb. 9, I. N. and C. Wigney, Brighton, bankers-Feb. Firth, Webber Street, Lambeth, victualler-Feb. 3, Creak and Co. Rotherhithe, mast-makers, and J. and J. Corsbie, New Broad Street Court, merchants-Feb. 9, Finn, Nottingham, tailor-Feb. 9, Chatterton, Nottingham, milliner-Feb. 10, Urry, Ems Retford, coachmaker. In is John Jones-The meeting advertised in the Gazette of the 30th ult. for a divi- dend in the above-named bankruptcy, will not take place.


Cocker. Feb. 3, Berry, Rugby. grocer-Feb. 3, Applegath, Crayford, silk-printer-Feb. 3,

Barnsley, dyer-Feb. 3, Strutt, Argyle Street, lodging-housekeeper-Feb. 3, Roberts and Rowe, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, milliners-Feb, 3, Greenwell and Co. Fore Street, silk manufacturers-Feb. 3, Field, Moreton-in the-Marsh, Glouces- tershire, corn-merchant-Feb. 3, Protheroe, Bristol, iron-merchaut-Feb. 3, Walters sad Llewellyn, Neath, timber-merchants-Feb. 3, Todd, Manchester, dealer •in cotton Pods-Feb. 3, Alexander and Gibbons, Wolverhampton, chemists-Feb 3, Paice, New Windsor, victualler-Feb.3. Whitfield. Bishopagate Street, carpet warehouseman-Feb. 3, Hanks, Hatton Garden, carpet warehouseman-Feb.3. Cater, Leeds. wool-merchant -Feb. 3, Keen, Old George Yard, Snow Hill, cheese-factor-Feb. 3, Goodered. Picca- dilly, fishmonger-Feb. 3, Beddow and Berryman. Little Love Lane, warehousemen- Feb. 3, Grant. Wellington Street, printer-Feb. 3, Thompson, Newcastle, silk-throw- ster-Feb. 3, Fish, Pimlico, painter-Feb. 6. Carr. Bartholomew Place, timber-mer- chant-Feb. 7, C. and Knight. Ivy Lane. salesmen- Feb. 7, Mitchell, Devizes, tea- dealer - Feb. 8. Urry, East Retford, coach maker-Feb. 6, Smith. York, draper-Feb. 7, Barnes, St. Paul's Churchyard, milliner-Feb. 8. Pink, Nottingham. tailor-Feb. 2. Bridge. Aston. Birmingham, bootmaker -Feb. 8, Antrobus, Birmingham, plater-- Feb. 6. Clarke, Rugby, mercer-Feb. 15, Lawley. Stafford, cooper-Feb. 15,

Wem, bootmaker -Feb. 4. Chambers, Leeds, oil-merchant-Feb. 4, Blundell, Seacombe, rectifier -Feb.4. Hartley, Liverpool, hatter-Feb. 3, Waite, Leeds. cloth- manufacturer-Feb. 4, Harker, Sunderlandwich, Yorkshire, farmer-Feb. 10, Holy- land, Manchester, woollen-cloth-manufacturer-Feb. 9, Parr. Manchester, silk-manu- facturer-Feb. 7, Ashwell, Salford, grocer-Feb. 3, C. S. and W. Heywood, Manches- ter, warehousemen-Feb. 4, Tomlin, Liverpool, drysalter. • amerce SEQUESTRATION.

Mcn.z.wo, H. Dundee, merchant, Jan. 18, Feb. 8.