14 JANUARY 1843, Page 20


ADMIRALTY, Jan. 9.-Corps of Royal Marines-Brevet Major D. Campbell to be Lieut.-Col. vice Lieut.-Col. B. Bunce, deceased; First Lieut. J. C. G. Courtis to be Capt. vice Campbell, promoted; Second Lieut. W. B. T. Rider to be First Lieuk vice Courtis promoted; Gent. Cadet, J. Bunco to be Second Lieut. vice Rider, promoted. WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 13.-1st Regt. of Life Guards-G. H. R. C. Viscount Seabam to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice Lovell, promoted. Scots Fusilier Guards- Lieut. and Capt. H. Bathurst to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. by purchase, vice the Hon. J. Craven Westenra, who retires; Ensign and Lieut. F. C. A. Stephenson to be Lieut. and Capt. by purchase, vice Bathurst ; H. G. Wilkinson. Gent. to be Eusign and Lieut. by purchase, vice Stephenson. 28th Regt. of Foot-Lieut. IL B. Staveley, from the Ceylon Rine Regt. to be Lieut. vice W. Russell, who retires.

Ceylon Rifle Regt.-Second Lieut. W. Brett to be First Lieut. by purchase, vice Stavelev, appointed to the 28th Foot.

DepLts-Depid Battalion at Parkhurst Barracks- Major J. Alves, from half-pay un- attached, to be Major, without purchase. OFFICE or ORDNANCE. Jau. 10.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-First Lieut. R. Wynter to be Second Capt. vice Bassett, retired on half pay. Second Lieut. W. J. E. Grant to be First Lieut. vice Wynter.