14 JANUARY 1843, Page 8


The Lasear. Shedden, from the Clyde to Ceylon, has put back to Cork, with loss of mainmast-head, &c The Seaton. or Glasgow, from Adeu to Bombay. has pot back leaky, and will probably be condemned. The Lady Faversham, Webster. from Cal- cutta to Bombay. has put into Cananore, with loss of main and mizen masts. The Ruby, from Colombo to Calcutta, and Francis Smith, Edmonds, were totally wrecked near Madras on the 24th Oct.; the first and second mates and eight of the crew of the latter have been drowned. The Ganges, Goodson; Arethusa, Clarke; Highlander, Nicol; and Ten, Smith. are stranded ou the beach to the southward of Madras ; and the Emerald, Varty, of Liverpool. is so much strained that she has been condemned and sold at the same place. The Acasta, Bellamy, sailed from Eunore in Sept. for Calcutta, and has not since been heard of. The Cynosure, Viner, from Singapore to Liverpool, was wrecked in the Straits of Banca on the 2d Oct. ; crew saved. The Porter, from Sydney to Manilla. is reported to be wrecked near the latter place. The Maryta, of Loudon, is reported to have been totally wrecked iu Torres Straits about the 10th Aug.; crew sated. The Sarah. Edmonds, from Moulmein to London, was stranded near the former port ; cargo and materials saved. Aamvxn—At Gravesend, 8th Jan. Mount Stewart Elphinstone, Stubbs, from Cal- cutta; and Cleveland, Morley. from Ceylon; 11th, Lloyd's, Green ; and Alexander Johnstone. Cmwlorth. train Singapore; Royal Tar, Bell, from Calcutta; and Cham- pion, Steel, from Maori as 12th alarmion, Jenard, and Isabella Cooper, M'Rellars from Calcutta; and New Express, Hewett, from Mauritius. In the Downs, 9th Jae. Jupiter. Longridge ; and Barbara, Jeffs, from Moulmein ; 10th, Columbine, Welsh,. from Calcutta; 11th, Op Lelia and Aou, —, from Siugapore ; and Sarah, Hall, from Manilla. At Liverpool, 7th Jan. Warlock, —, from Batavia; Mary Somerville, Pearson ; Bahamian. Little ; and St. Vincent, Brown, from Calcutta; I ndns, Walker. from Bombay ; and William Barber, Manthorp, from Mauritius; 8th, Galatea, Muir- sou, from the Cape; and 12th, Windermere, Armstrong, from Calcutta. In the Clyde,

8th Jan. John Wood, Rose, from Mauritius. At St. Helena, 21st Nov. Alexander Ramsey ; and Baronet, Whitehead. from Calcutta; Regulus. Hunter, from Ceylon ; and Ramsey, Hamlin. from Bombay. At the Cape, 30th Oct. William Bayley. Thyack ; City of Londou, Martin; and Volunteer, Mann, from London. At Mauritius, 20th Oct. Albert Edward, Hughes; and T. Blyth; Hay, from Loudon ; At Bombay previous to 30th Nov. John Knox, Cleland; Wild Irish Girl, Graham ; Harmony, Elder; and Malabar, Pollock, from London. Higgiuson, Hogg; Ilelen, Melville; and Lucy Wright, Pollock, from Liverpool. At Madras, 4th Nov. Janet Boyd, Topping, from the Clyde. At Ceylon previous to 22d Nov. Medora, May, from London. Nile, Anderson ; Caribbean, Fleming; and Medina, James, from Liverpool. At Calcutta previous to 20th Nov. Henry. Fiulayson; Owen Glendon er, Toiler ; Rip- ley, Norman ; Zemindar, King; Southampton, Bowen ; Maidstone, Nash; Duncan, Graves ; and Agincourt, Walker, from Loudon. London, Beau ; Ennerdale, Bundle ; and Otterspool, Coruforth, from Liverpool, Athol, Bossed(; and Humayoou, Kel- lar, from the Clyde. At Singapore, 6th Oct. Bilton, Rigby, from Newcastle; and 16th, George %ahem, Sim, from Liverpool. In the Straits of Sunda, Lord Lowther, Dudnam, from London. At China, 17th Sept. Dumfries, Thompson, from London ; Matilda, Rowe ; Osprey, Kirk ; and Palestine, M'Leao, from Liverpool.

SAILED.—From Gravesend, 11th Jan. Verona, Mould, from Madras. From Liver- pool, 12th Patna, Pousouby; for China. From the Clyde, 5th Jan. Mary, Kelso, for Madras and Moulmein ; and Cingalese, Hutcheson, fur Batavia and Singapore; and 7th. Isabella, Gray, for Singapore.