14 JANUARY 1843, Page 9

Descriptions appear this morning of " the hurricane yesterday." The

chimney-pots, tiles, and trees of the Metropolis were thrown into the utmost confusion ; and the reports from the Parks of the gentry are disastrous. Mr. Feltham, a cowkeeper of Sumerstown, was killed by the fall of a stack of chimneys in Portland Place.

The accounts of the shipping from all parts of the coast are most disastrous ; and loss of life is mentioned at several places. Yesterday morning the Royal Adelaide, 120 guns, and another war-ship, off Devon- port Dockyard, were observed to make signals of distress, and to be drifting. With much difficulty assistance was sent to them, and it was expected that they would be brought up in safety.

An extraordinary fall was remarked in the barometer yesterday : at Liverpool it fell considerably below the index—lower than has been noted for forty years.