14 JULY 1866, Page 1

General Peel has ordered 60,000 more breech-loaders in addition to

the 40,000 ordered by Lord llitrtington and Earl de Grey. That is energetic, provided the order is obeyed, but it is said that a rifle much better than the Snider rifle has been offered to Government—a rifle invented by Mr. 'Gale. Surely that assertion could be tested in three or four day practice by any co officers from Wimbledon, and the argument about price is sicken- ing. We are spending fifteen millions a yeat upon the army, and then the bureaus are agitated betemse weispesil amaillioteencesfar all to make that armreflioimit. leet General Peel tahe

if necessary, which was to have gone ets the blationallDebtAut him get the work done, done quickly and done well, and the country will support him. We will not guarantee his head if the Guards are swept away for want of breech-loaders.