14 JULY 1866, Page 1

We were wrong in supposing last week that Mr. Henley

would be Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. That office is accepted by the Earl of Devon. Mr. Brewster is made Lord Chancellor of Ireland, a good and popular appointment, which is, however, a disappointment to Mr. Whiteside, who only gets the Chief Jus- ticeship vacated by Chief Justice Lefroy. The new Vice-Pre- sident of the Board of Trade is Mr. S. Cave, of West Indian connections ; the Vice-President of the Council of Education, Mr. Corry ; Mr. G. W. Hunt, the leader of the cattleowners' phalanx, is the new Financial Secretary to the Treasury ; Lord Belmore is Under Secretary for the Home Department ; Mr. Adderley for the Colonies ; Mr. E. Egerton for Foreign Affairs ; Lord Longford for War ; and Sir J. Fergusson for India ; so that both Secretary and Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs and for India are in the House of Commons. As regards foreign affairs, the Prime Minister of course being himself in the House of Lords, there will be no difficulty. Lord Henry Lennox is the new Secretary to the Admiralty.