14 JULY 1866, Page 2

-Sir John Pakington was re-elected for Droitwich on Wednesday without

opposition, Droitwich not having forgotten how its repre- sentative once tried to give it a monopoly of the Indian salt sup- ply, by releasing its salt from the duty imposed on the native manu- facture. His speech was of little interest, but we gather from it that the new First Lord thinks our ships and marine artillery still in a state of transition, and is in favour of building 'turreted ships armed with enormous guns for coast defence, and improved War- riors for foreign service,—not perhaps an irrational plan. He denied that he aspired to the Peerage,•but he praised Mr. Corbet, the gentleman who will represent Droitwich at the next vacancy, in a wey which suggests that though he does not want a peerage new,-he would like one when he is next turned out of office, which is natural enough.