14 JULY 1866, Page 2

General Peel -addressed his constituents at Huntingdon on Wednesday in

a very hearty and good-natured speech. His main point was an announcement that he had increased Lord Hartington's order for breech-loaders from 40,000 to 100,000, and invited tenders for them from private firms ; but he made several others. He denied being an ultra-Tory, having been a member of Sir Robert Peel's Ministry, and having supported his friend steadily up to the hour of his death, and "agreed with him in every one of his political opinions:" He excused Lord Derby's attempt to govern with a minority by a very fair joke, declaring that Sir Robert Peel once took power with a majority of 90 only to be driven from the helm, and that the majority obtained by Lord Pal- merston when hedissolved on the lorcha affair soon after drove him from power; there was danger in large majorities, "a danger to which the Government of Lord Darby is not at this moment exposed." There is not an ill-natured or captious sentence in the whole speech, and though good-nature will not make a War Minister, we do not wonder that Huntingdon has returned General Peel for thirty-five years.