14 JULY 1979, Page 15

Greek fire

Sir: I much appreciated the appropriately swingeing way that Mr Theodoracopulos dealt in your issue of 30 June with Mr Richard Clogg's A Short History of Modern Greece.

I am glad to hear that Mr Clogg has, to avoid his Marxist colleagues screaming, thrown in 'a few bones to what he probably considers the misguided Right'. Like your reviewer I too was in Athens in December 1944 and elsewhere in Greece for a number of years afterwards. What he has to say about what really happened is well worth "saying.

It has always been very difficult to get the truth about Greece put into print in this country. I did, I think, largely succeed in a work called The Greek Passion published by J.M. Dent and Son in 1969, but as a result of complaints by persons and bodies allegedly defamed the book is not merely not available but it could be considered an offence even to read it, and apart from bookshops it was by order withdrawn from libraries. Those persons whose curiosity is such that they think to have a sight of it at the British Library, formerly the British Museum reading room, will need to have special influence with the librarian since The Greek Passion is placed behind lock and key in a reserved cabinet normally used to house pornographic literature and which, despite its title, my book is not, Kenneth Young 35 Central Parade, Herne Bay, Kent