14 JUNE 1940, Page 14


SIR,—With reference to your note on Conscientious Objectors and the Land, which appeared in your issue of June 7th, although I should be very ready to believe that in many cases which came before the Tribunals " perfectly genuine and very deep-seated scruples " were manifested, yet, at the same time, there was an enormous number of cases where the objectors made it quite plain that they would not lift a finger to give assistance to a wounded man. Is it not possible that it is these persons who meet with hostility, and if that be so, is it not justifiable hostility? A young man in the city of Norwich was reported as having said at the Tribunal in reply to the question, " Would you let a wounded man die? ": "As far as I am concerned, Yes." What decent English- man would give a job to a creature like that? That such creatures should be allowed to earn 3os. a week while the men fighting are paid 14s. is, to many of us, a crying scandal.—Yours truly,

Bodham Rectory, Holt, Norfolk. BERTRAM MAYNARD.