14 JUNE 1940, Page 14


SIR,—In your issue of May 24th you say " It would be a thoroughly sound step " to send Sir S. Cripps to Moscow. I wonder if you realise how many people in this country—including some readers of The Spectator—deeply resent the cringing atti- tude displayed by our Government toward Soviet Russia, and in spite of the ample unpleasant experiences provided by previous missions of the same kind? One wonders what the Poles and Finns, after the destruction of their peoples, properties, and Churches, think of our efforts in this direction? Furthermore, this humiliating approach to Russia compromises our moral position. Either we are fighting solely in our own interests, or we are fighting for Christianity and decency against aggression and barbarism—in which case we can have no justification for seeking the aid of an atheist State allied to Germany.—Yours