14 JUNE 1963, Page 16

Sin,—Mr. Colin Maclnnes's article raises interesti n g issues as to what

the New British will be like by. say, the turn of the century. Already the British people are vastly different from what they were a hundred years ago. It seems almost certain that during the next forty years about twenty million Englishmen will leave these islands, mostly Or. Australia. Who will take their places, attracten. largely by work, the dole, family allowances, TV and the motor car, the modern equivalents of the Roman panem et circenses? By the third century a huge mongrel population had sprung up in Rome, Ronia0 only in name, and all the people of Roman stoa had departed. Already if you want to see what sor! of a people we were a hundred years ago, round about the time of the Indian Mutiny, you must go!! India to do so. For better or for worse the particula! virtues that made us once great and brought Ill..: great Empire are no longer to be found in till country. What guarantee have we that by the year 2 the predominant language spoken in this countrY will be English or the predominant colour white? y JACK A. SRAM"