14 JUNE 1963, Page 9

Long Arm of the Church

But it may well be that the middle classes are taking up the vices of their betters and also of their inferiors. We have in the spectacle of an eminent Cambridge divine defending fornica- !ton as all right if it doesn't hurt anybody. This ts a view for which much is to be said, and a view by which many people have conducted their private lives for centuries. But I am a little surprised to find this hedonistic proposition put forward by a priest in holy orders of the Church Of England, although very little can surprise me in the Church of England. But with the Bishop of Woolwich at one end of the spectrum and the .vangelicals rallying round to defend the Thirty- nine Articles at the other, can it be said that the Church of England is not universal? Whether the layman, even the layman who is Anglican in the sense that the Church of England is the

church he stays away from, wants either extreme is open to doubt. But except, possibly, in sexual matters England is a tolerant country.