14 JUNE 1969, Page 12

Tower's end


The water tower on Campden Hill, which formed the central feature in Chesterton's The Napoleon of Notting Hill, is to be pulled down as part of a new development scheme.

On all municipal estates God most especially looks down, Nor in His mercy underrates The little town of Kensington.

The legend of an epic hour First touched him with poetic thrill Under the great grey Water Tower That strikes the stars on Campden Hill.

And there without indecent fuss The long, suburban street he trod, The while the horse-drawn omnibus

Climbed the sad hill that points to God.

And now the sullen engines swing, The building workers work to rule; They've voted to pull down the thing And build a Comprehensive SchooL And what child-broken fantasy Would fill the matter of his dream, Hearing his Tower was now to be Butchered to suit a planner's scheme?