14 MARCH 1835, Page 13

Tuesday's Gazette announces the appointment of a Commission, consisting of

Lord Wharneliffe, Sir James Kempt, Lord Sandon, Sir E. H. East, Mr. Cutler Fergusson, Sir Edward Barnes, and Sir Thomas Reynell, to inquire whether " it may be practicable to dis- pense with the power of inflicting corporal punishment, or to make any other changes or modifications in the punishments now applicable to offences committed by the soldier, without detriment or danger to the paramount object of maintaining strict discipline, and effectually repressing crime, in the ranks of the British army throughout all the various contingencies of military service to which his Majesty's troops are necessarily liable." [The Tory papers give the Ministers great credit for the issuing of the Commission ; but we learn from the Courier, that Mr. Ellice appointed a similar one last session, and that the Tories are merely carrying on an inquiry already commenced.]