14 MARCH 1835, Page 17


Tars society was originally composed of amateur performers, who met-

for the practice of instrumental music. It is now open to the public ; and the orchestra embraces a larger number of professional players, having at the head of each department men of established reputation. The subscription being lower than the Philharmonic, these concerts are accessible to such as have not four guineas a year to spare for musical entertainment. This is as it should be. Music ought to be au amusement within the reach of all classes, instead of being a luxury attainable only by the rich. The Societe Armonica contents itself with a humbler band than the Philharmonic ; and defects which would be severely criticized there, are here passed over in good-humoured silence.

The first ert of the present season was on Monday; Mr. Moat

being the L der, and Mr. FORGES the Conductor. Tw•o novelties- were introduced,—a Song and Chorus composed by Mr. FORBES ; and a " Morgen.lied," by F. RIES. The funds of this society do not suffice to furnish their auditors with the words of such pieces as are -

sung—a sad drawback to the enjoyment of the pleasure of hearing new

vocal music. Mr. FORBES'S composition seemed part of an opera; but this we could only conjecture from the general style of the piece. RIES'S Ode seemed descriptive music, of a pleasing character; but its choral harmony was but feebly brought out. It evidently needed such a rehearsal as would have enabled the scanty chorus to have felt and expressed what they bad to sing. Mona played a Fantasia with his usual ability, and BA1.731ANN repeated the Concerto which he played at the Philharmonic concert.