14 MARCH 1835, Page 17

The returns of imports, exports, and tonnage of shipping, recently

printed by order of the House of Commons, afford satisfactory evidence of the activity in our foreign trade, especially in some of the most im- portant branches of our manufactures, the declared value of which ex- ported from the ports of the United Kingdom during last year having exceeded the exports of the preceding year upwards of 2,000,000/.

Declared value exported in 1633 £34,489,384 Ditto ditto in 1834 36,541,926 Increase in 1934 £2,052,542

Dr. John Abercrombie, first Physician to his Majesty for Scotland, was on Monday last elected Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen, in opposition to Mr. Alexander Bannerman, M.P. for that city.