14 MARCH 1835, Page 20

The Arcana of Science and Art. Eighth Year.

The Labourer's Friend.

Though apparently so different in their nature, these two pub- lications have sufficient points in common to warrant their being classed together. Each has important and useful objects in view ; each deals in interesting facts, admitting of a practical application to the business of life. The pieces in both are short, various, pithy, and, though having a general relation to a main subject, capable of independent reading ; so that, besides their reality, they have much of that character which gives the charm to ana—they inform the mind without straining it, and can be taken up and laid down at any time. It is pretty well known, we suppose, to the reading public, that the Aroana is an Annual Register of' the discoveries, improvements, in- ventions, and new facts in art and science, collected from all quarters both English and foreign, illustrated with cuts, and classified under the heads of' Mechanics, Chemistry, Natural History, &c. The Labourer's Friend emanates from a respectable institution, whose object is to ameliorate the condition of our agricultural serfs, and which considers the best and most generally available means of ac- complishing it is by allotting land for cottage husbandry. Upon this view there is much difference of opinion ; but, limiting it as the Society appear to limit it to local circumstances, and trusting as they do to individual exertions, no harm can be dote; whilst the collision of opinions, the results of experiments, and the col- lection of facts, is sure to do good. These are what the present volume purports to give, mingled with some short and simple annals of the poor. The materials are derived from the corres- pondence of members and friends of the Society, and are selected from its perisdical publications during several years. According to the reports, the improvement effected by allotments, both in a moral and an economical point of view, is wonderful.