14 MARCH 1840, Page 10


The Sunda, Greif:, from London to China, was wrecked on Hainan Island the 12th October—six assengers and eleven oh' the crew drowned.

The Frances Chariot e, Metcalf, from London to Sydney, was wrecked in the Mina Sea, Diii October—crew saved. Arrived—Olf Falmouth, March 7th, Diamond, Fox, from Bengal; Alexander, M' Lachlan, from Ceylon ; 9th, Malcolm, Bell, from Bettgal; and Gtaham, Allen, fa Mauritius. Front Liverpool, fith, John Dennisten, Bather. from Bengal ; and 11th,, Hero. Smallwood, for Bombay. At St in lens, Jan. 611,, Winchester, Salmon, from Mauritius. At the Cape, Dec. 18th, Courier Dixon. l'rom London; 20th, Planet, Thompson, from Shields ; Adelaide, Campl,e11; 25th, Warrior, Cowey ; Thomas Laurie, Price ; anti Cherub. Matthews, from London. At Bombay Jan. 3d, Balfour, Foster, from Liverpool ; 14th, Sir E. Paget, Campbell, Bum Lon:lon ; and 234, Hall, trom Liverpool. At Madras, previotts to Jan. 22d, Thontas Grenville, Thornhill • Mary Ann. Tarbett ; Lady Flora, Forint; and Duke or Argyle, Bristow, from Loam. At Bengal, previous to Jan. 24th, London, Tay hue; Argyle, Cowan; and Stirling, Foster, from Liverpool ; Rulant Small, Seim ; Windsor, Nesbitt; and Edinburgh, Paterson, from London. At New South Wales, Oct. Ilth, Caledonia, ; and Hero, Ryan, from Leith ; Blenheim, Grey, from Dublin; Harbinger, Candlish, from Liverpool; Antelia. Thompson, DaW6011; nod pinions, Wardle, from London. Sailed—From Gravesend. March 8th, Lady Kenn:may, Davison, for Bengal; and David Scott, Spence, for Madras; 10th, Cleopatra, Early, for ditto; and Tartar, Young, fur Bombay ; and 1 lth, Pearl, Bruton, for Bengal. From Liverpool, 11th, Ann Jane, Rigby ; and W. Shand, Potter, for Bengal. SATURDAY Montoss. Arrived-1n the Channel, Winchester, Salmon ; Norfolk. M'Oildowney ; and Fen-

yard Park, Middleton, from Mauritius. Off Madras, Jan. 22d, Marion, Loudon. , from