14 MARCH 1840, Page 10

From a report of Commissioners appointed to inquire into the

condi- tion of the banks in the State of New York, it appears that the " re- sources " of these institutions were estimated on the 1st of January 1840 at 79,318,629 dollars, and their liabilities over and above capital and profits at 37,585,081,—a surplus ample for the security of creditors. It was also ascertained, that since the 1st October 1839, the issues had been contracted to the extent of 20,000,000 dollars—in the city of New York alone to the amount of 9,000,000 of dollars. This is consi- dered sufficient to account for the severe pressure experienced in the commercial capital of the Union.

Letters from the interior of Alamaba say the cotton-picking is still going on with full success, and the prospect is good for a very great crop. Some talk of two millions of bales.—New York Journal qf Commerce, February 5.