14 MARCH 1840, Page 9

On Friday, the India mail from London passed through Paris.

There were thirty-six boxes, containing, besides despatches, 30,000 letters!

The Queen of Portugal dissolved the Conies on the 25th ultimo, during the debate on the Slave-trade question. The new Cortes are summoned to meet on the 25th of May', the elections to take place on the 22d of March. A central committee, with Pahnella and Saldauha at its head, laud been formed to look after the elections in the interest of the Ministry and the Charter. The Queen was understood to be again enceinte.

M. Meyerbeer has been made a Chevalier of the Order of St. Ernest by the Duke of Save Gotha, on occasion of a grami musical composition made by him for the opening of the Theatre of Gotha.

The Mediterranto of Malta says—" Since the mails from India have been transmitted through France, the steamer from Suez no longer waits, as formerly, for passengers after the mails are delivered on board, but proceeds to sea immediately ; and as it now takes less than three days to convey them from Alexandria to Suez, passengers proceeding by the British packet would not reach the lazter place in time to em- bark with the mails of that month. In conse.ieenee of this new ar- rangement, those passengers desirous of missies*. through France have generally embarked at Marseilles in the French steamer of the let of the month, in time expectation of their arriving at Aleeandria on the 14th or 15th, tints having four or five days' start of the mails, which generally arrive there on the 19th ; but the passengers who left Mar- seilles by the French steamer on the let of this month will meet disap- pointment, as they did not take their departure hence for Syria until the night of' the 10th, instead of the morning of the Silt ; so that it will not be possible for the steamer to reach that place before the departure of the branch one for Alexandria, and thus w ill consequently be de- tained a month. This has happened once before during the present winter. Such oecurrences, which are unavoidable, are in no way to be attributed to bad management ; for it is remarkable with what punc- tuality (with rare exceptions) the French peel:et service is conducted, and attended by vast benefits to all classes. But the chief object of these remarks is to recommend persons proceeding to India through France to embark during the winter months on the 21st, instead of the 1st of the following month."