14 MARCH 1840, Page 15


MFROIRS, Memoirs of a Prisoner of State in the Fortress of Spielberg. By Alexander Andry. sae, 60w-captive aCount Confalomeri. With an Appendix, by Maroneelli, the companion of Silvio PeRico. Translated by Fortuuato Prandi. Complete in

2 v06. Saunders and Otiey.


Abbey; a Tale of Modern Times. By Denis Ignatius Moriarty, Esq.,

Millis. of " The Wife-Hunter," &;e. Ste. In 3 vols. Dolman. lioram. IIrrnRY. The Canadian Naturalist. A Series of Conversations on the Natural History of

Lower I anada. By P. H. Gesso, Corresponding Nlember of the Nat. His. Soc. of...kluntreal, xe. Illustrated by twentrfour Engravings Van Vaunt.