14 MARCH 1840, Page 2

Several vessels from New York have arrived during the week.

The latest dates are to the 15th February. The contents of the newspapers and letters brought by these ships are generally unin- teresting.

The British inhabitants of Lower Canada were taking effectual measures, by calling public meetings, to counteract the partial movement of' the French party against the Union of the Provinces. The close of the Parliamentary session in Upper Canada drew near; and Governor Tnomsost was expected in Montreal on the 6th of February, on his route to Quebec. Desertions of the British sol- diers across the frontier were numerous. ss.

Sir JOHN HERVEY had opened the session of the Legislature es New Brunswick. He expressed an opinion that England wouls make such proposals for settling the boundary as would insure a speedy termination to the disputes with the United States. The proceedings in the American Congress w i were quite uninter- esting. Although money was not so scarce as t had been in Nest York, business was not profitable, and much difficulty was expe. rienced by the Banks of the South.