14 MARCH 1840, Page 7


The Dublin Total Abstinence Society, which has been in existence only since November last, already numbers 0,000 members ; they are

to march in public procession on St. Patrick's Day ; and so flourishing are the prospects, that a Temperance Hall is about to be erected. The Catholic priests, following the example of the Reverend Theobald Mathew, are everywhere placing themselves at the head of this great social movement. It is said that the numbers to whom that gentleman has administered the pledge already exceeds a million. At Fermoy, county Cork, the usual average of applications for whisky-licences has this year dwindled from 80 to .5 1 A recent traveller, who visited the South of Ireland, declares that he was in Waterford, Clonmel, Cork, and Limerick, the four leading towns, and did not see a single drunken person.

At the Waterford Assizes, Laurence F. Ryan, clerk in the Ordnance Survey, has been sentenced to seven years' transportation, for forging receipts for various small sums of money.