14 MARCH 1840, Page 9


Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has invested Prince Albert with the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. It is also announced to be her Majesty's pleasure that the Eleventh Regiment of Light Dragoons should be armed, clothed, and equipped as Hussars, and be called Prince Albert's Own Hussars.

Lord Melbourne has appointed the Honourable Hugh Fortescue, eldest son of Lord Ebrington, to be one of his Private Secretaries, in the place of Mr. G. E. Anson, who has been appointed Treasurer to Prince Albere—Morning Chronicle. Lord Durham, who has been confined to his chamber for the last four weeks at Cleveland House, is now convalescent. His Lordship, by the advice of his physicians, has left town for Richmond, where he has taken a villa for six weeks.—Morning Chronicle.

Lord Clarence Paget has been appointed Flag Captain to Vice-Ad- miral Sir Robert Otway, the Commander-in-Chief at the Nore.

Mr. O'Connell has left town for Ireland. He reached Dublin on Tuesday night, and proceeded the next day to Galway to attend the Assizes; being retained in an ejectment case.

Lord Brougham, at the date of the last accounts, was still at Ids scat at Cannes, where he enjoyed the Italian breezes from the Mediterra- nean. - Lord Glenelg was expected from Nice at Cannes on a visit to Lord Brougham.—Globe.

Colonel Fox is prevented by indisposition from transacting business at the Ordnance Office.

Early on Thursday morning, Mr. Cripps, M.P., who had been for some time asleep at his mansion, near Cirencester, was awoke by a feeling of suffocation, when he found his bed and bed-room in flames. The honourable gentleman jumped out of bed and called assistance, and the fire was fortunately confined to that room. Mr. Cripps had fidlen asleep whilst reading in bed, and the candle ha'l set light to the hangings.—Cheltenham Gazette.

Captain Pringle, Governor Thomson's Private Secretary, has arrived in town front Upper Canada, with drafts of the Reunion and Clergy Reserves Bills.