14 MARCH 1840, Page 9

Sir George Sinclair, "M.P., has been elected Lord Rector of

the Mari- sehal College, Aberdeen, for one year. The Honourable W. Gordon, M. P., Sir W. Seton, Bart., Mr. H. Lumsden, of Piteaple, and Mr. '1'. Blaikie, Provost of Aberdeen, were elected Assessors to the Lord Rec- tor. On the same clay. Mr. A Bannerman, M.P., was reRected Dean of Faculty.

Mr. Fraser, the defeated candidate for the Inverness Burghs, at- tempted to account for the loss of his election in a parting address to his supporters.

"My want of success," he said, "is attributable to demoralizing practices on the part of my opponents, unprecedented, I believe, in the electioneering his- tory or this part of the country ; to bribery on the most seductive scale ; to intimidation of electors ; and to other most artful exertions to induce my pledged voters to break their promises, and to an organized interference of the mob and non-clectors. Except for these means, I am, front personal knowledge, aware that Mr. Morrison's majority of 45 woull have been annihilated, and transferred to my side; for the broken pledges admit of precise enumeration, and stand thus—


Voters signing any requisition, or otherwise pledged to me, but who voted against me, 19, who count double Pledged to neutrality, but who voted against me Pledged to vote for me, but who remained neutral


Pledged for me, but who voted against me,-5, counting


Pledged for me, but who voted against me, 6, counting 12 Pledged for, but remained neutral 4 Pledged to be neutral, but voted against ---. 17


Pledged to neutrality, but who voted against me 1 38 12 — 58 10