14 MARCH 1846, Page 10


Airtime—At Gravesend, 9th March, Elizabeth Walker, GiRtes, from Manilla; and Malvina, Burton, from the Cape ; 11th, Orlando, Cockerill, from Calcutta ; and 14th, Hindostan, West, from China. In the Downs, 9th, Diligence, Smith, from Batavia. Off Plymouth, 12th, City of Derry, Were, from China. Off Falmouth; 8th, Universe, Ritchie, from Moulmain. At Liverpool, 7th, Saghalien, Jones ; and Albert Edward, White, from Chins; and 10th, Isabella Cooper, Guthrie, from Calcutta. In the Clyde, 11th, Akhbar, Giles, from Mauritius. At Cork, 8th, Inglewood, Smith, from China ; and Cluishna, Bateson, from Batavia. At Belfast, 4th, Mary Stuart, Thing, from Mau- ritius. At Calcutta, 22d Jan. Cordials., Hughes ; and Alexander, Wightman, from Liverpool. At Hobart Town, previous to 18th Oct. Calcutta, Cleveland ; and Eques- trian, from London. At Launceston, 26th Sept. Fortescue, from London. At Syd- ney, previous to 24th Oct. Wm. Metcalfe, Pbillipson ; Skerne, Shell; Perseverance, Corkhill ; Jane fondle, Goudle ; and Leander, Millman, from London ; Mary and Ann, Whiteway ; Hindoo, Beard ; and Governor, Williamson, from Liverpool; and Duke of Richmond, Barclay, from Leith. SAILED—From Gravesend, 6th March, William Mitchell, M`Lachlan, for Claims; and Essex, Howard, for Madras; 7th, Vanguard, Garwood, for Calcutta ; Essex, Morris, for Madras ; and India, Sutherland, for Bombay. From Liverpool, 5th, Joshua Waddington, Wakem, for Calcutta ; 9th, Hope, Miller, for ditto ; and 11th. Thomas Lee, James; and John Blbby, Cawkett, for ditto. From the Clyde, 6th, Majestic, Brown, for ditto. Samna NOHNING. ARRIVED-In the Downs, 13th March, Providence, Hicks, from Calcutta, Off Ports- mouth, ditto, Portly, Read, from Mauritius. At Liverpool, ditto, Orissa, Smith, from Calcutta.