14 MARCH 1846, Page 19


Tuesday, March 10.


Young and Co. Albion Place, King's Cross, linendrapers—Archer and Taverner, Old Street, paper-stainers—Grimley and Kirkby, Nottingham, boot-makers—Perry and Lat ward, Wolverhampton, coach-builders—W. F. and R. Brand, Wigan, Lancashire, linen and woollen-drapers—Young and Peppercorne, Cousin Lane, Upper Thames Street, blacking-manufacturers—Tyacke and Plomer, Ileiston, Cornwall, attornies- Shoolbred and Co. Tottenham Court Road, woollen-drapers ; as far as regards W. Shep- herd—W. and J. Alexander, Hungerford, Berkshire, saddlers—E. and E. Williams, Newport, Monmouthshire, schoolmistresses—Aitken and Stapleton, Russell Street, Bermondsey, leather-dressers—A. and J. Boors, Rathbone Place, dyers -Day and Marshall, Barham Hill, schoolmistresses—Cottrell and Morley, Barbican, morocco leather-dressers—Shephard and l'ye, Sneiton, near Nottingham, lace-makers—Roberts and Cheetham Sheffield, stock-brokers—Maude, Son, and Co. Rotherhithe, cement- manufactureW—Crulkshank and Co. Austinfriars ; as far as regards R. Ramsay—Shaw, Brothers, Leeds, machine-makers—Cole and Gehl, Nottingham, furniture-brokers- Rigg and Boykett, Liverpool, slaters—Travis and Co. Coupe and Lena, Lancashire, woollemprinters—Waters and Freeman, Luton, Bedfordshire, straw-h at-manu facturens- J. and It. Salmon, Beaumont, Essex, coal-merchauts—ilarratt and Bailbirnie, Hunting* don, builders—Sharpus and Co. Cockspur Street, chinamen—Donaldson and Dixon, Mark Lane—Hopwood and Co. Barnsley, Yorkshire, coat-masters—Fletcher and Co. Glasgow, flax-spinners, &c.; as far as regards A. Fleteher—Adam and Wright, Glasgow.


COLLINSON, JOSEPH, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner.


BLUNDELL, JOHN, Wigan, pawnbroker, to surrender Starch 23, April 20: solicitors, Messrs. Sharp and Co. Bedford Row ; Mr. Barrow, Wigan ; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester. BREWSTER, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Bath, chemist, March 17, April 7; solicitor, Mr. Wilkins, Furnivat's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street. DALE, WILLIAM, Liverpool, bricklayer, March 20, April 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Vincent and Co. Temple ; Mr. Jones, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, LiverpooL Formes, RICHARD, Northop, Flintshire, cattle-salesman, March 20, April 14: soli- clime, Messrs. Bridger and Blake, London Wail; Mr. Almond, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. GoLossuxn, CHARLES, Bristol, saddler, March 19, April 23: solicitors, Mr. Weeks, Lincoln's Inn ; Mr. Nicholls, Birmingham; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol. HARDING, WILLIAM, Edward Street, Portman Square, tanner, March 20, April 21 solicitor' Mr. Mordaunt, Bolton Street, Piccadilly ; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birehin Lane.

HARDING, Tnomes, Lichfield, schoolmaster, March 20, April IS solicitors, Mr. Raw*. Birmingham • official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. Hmats, WILLIAM James, High Street, Southwark, tailor, Starch 21, April 18: se. Bettor, Mr. Welborne, Tooley Street ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbary. B/ENDEN, WaLLIAm Jona, Salmon's Lane, Limehouse, tailor, March 17, April 21 : solicitor, Mr. Taylor, Church Street, Spitalfields ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers.

Moafraiv, EDWARD, Lisson Street, coachbuilder, March 20, April 18: solicitors, Messrs. Bleduiells, Manchester Street ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street. Niencd., Artunony,Neweastle-upon-Tyne, ship-broker, March 19, April 21; solicitors, Messrs. Chisholm and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields Mr. Hark, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; °Metal assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Pairengrr, SAMUEL, and ()Brno% JOSEPH PEcKOVER, Charibury, Oxfordshire, glove- manufacturers, March 20, April 18: solicitor, Mr. Patten, Ely Place ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

RAISER, JOHN, StannIngley, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer, March 23, April 13: solicitors, Mr. Walker, Furnival's Inn ; Mr. Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds.

SEwELL, demon, Great Dunmow, Essex, grocer, March II, April 23: sollcitors1 Messrs. Wade and Pennington, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghal,


March 20, Kent, Stowmarket, Suffolk, brewer—March 20, Graham and Co. Cheap- Side, calico-printers—March 31, Batchelor, Bath, butcher—April 2, Newton, Bath, coal- merchant—April 2, Brooke, Honiton, banker—April 3, A. and F. Atkinson, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, colonr-manufacturers.


To be granted, Ullien cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

March 31, Warren, George Street, Hanover Square, dentist—April 3, Streeter, Bristol, builder—April 3, Lingard, New Elvet, Durham, teacher of music—April 2, Spence, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, woollendraper—April 2, Denbigh, Bradford, Yorkshire, wool-merchant—April 3, Platt, Sheffield, printer—April 3, Pierce & Homan, Manchester, merchants—April 7, Whitworth, Rochdale, cotton-manufacturer—April ',Kelsey, Man- chester, joiner—April 1, Findley, Manchester, plasterer.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before March 31.

M'Lean, Sun Street, Ilishopsg,ate Street Without, statuary—Brown, Llornsey Road, builder—Hind, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, draper—Smith, Southwell, Nottingham- shire, innkeeper—Gainer, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, dyer.


Mann, Warwick, grocer ; first div. of 3s. 9d. any Friday ; Mr. Whitmore, Birming- ham—Carter, Raddington, Leicestershire, miller ; first dlv. of Is. 5d. on new proofs, any Friday ; Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham—Last, Birmingham, general merchant ; final div. of lid. any Friday ; Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham—Tomlin and Man, St. Michael's Alley, CornhIll, merchants ; second div. of id. any Wednesday; Mr. Whitmore, Basing- hall Street—Wartuaby, Adam's Court, Old Broad Street, ship-broker ; first div. of 53d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, BasIngball Street—Lucas, Long Bucliby, coach- proprietor ; first div. of 3$. 103. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street— Thorn, New Brentford, paper-hanger; first div. of 9s. 2d. March 14, and the two subsequent Saturdays ; Mr. Groom, Abeburch Lane — Thompson and Forbes, Crotched Friars, corn-factors ; first div. of 2$. March 14, and the two subsequent Saturdays ; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane—G. and W. Noel, Jermyn Street, boot- makers ; div. of ; div. of 75. 101. on the separate estate of G. Noel ; and div. of 35. on the separate estate of W. Noel, March II, and the three subsequent Wednesdays ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Todhunter, Mincing Lane, dry- salter; first div. of 211. March 11, and the three subsequent Wednesdays ; Mr. Belcher, King's Anna Yard—Cross, New Woodstock, Oxfordshire, glover ; div. of 61d. (making with former dive. I Is. 91d.) March 11, and the three subsequent Wednesdays ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Chapman, Pullin's Place, Islington, cowkeeper ; div. of 111d. (making with a former div. 35. 1 lid.) March 11, and the three subsequent Wed- nesdays; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Maywood, Luton, Bedfordshire, bricklayer ; first div. of Is. 3d. March II, and the three subsequent Wednesdays ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard—Buckiee, Kidderminster, mercer ; first div. of 5s. 6d. any Thursday ;

Mr. Valpy, BirmIngbam--Creigh, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cartwright ; first and final div. of 6d. and 9-10ths of a penny, any Saturday after March 13; Mr. Baker, New-

castle-upon-Tyne. ScOrcil SEQUESTRATION. 1PLEop, .1., Glasgow, cartwright, March 13, April 13.

Friday, March 13.


Clarke and Page, Jeffrey's Square, St. Mary Axe, provision-brokers— Jcssop and Briggs, Brighouse, Yorkshire, blacksmiths—Bastick and Driver, llolywell Row, Shore- ditch, sealemakers—Kreckeler and Co. Greenwich, saddlers; as far as regards A. G. Kreckeler—Parkinson and Lord, Liverpool, cotton-brokers—Bromfield and Overton, Liverpool, tobacco-manufacturers—Dawson and Holt, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, reedmakers—Evans and Dods, Pontardawe, Glamorganshire, brewers—Lewis and Co. coal-miners ; as far as regards J. Humpidge—Lawton and Walker, Rochdale, card- makers—Fergusson and Co. Manchester ; as far as regards G. Oliver-3fawbood and Hider, Browne Street, Edgware Road, victuallers—Garlick and Hall, Leeds, plumbers —Brunton and Whitehead, Bradford, joiners—White and Co. Moretonhampstmrd, De- vonshire, tanners ; as far as regards T. White—Hughes and Graham, Oxford Street, linendrapens—Cyples and Hughes, Langton, Staffordshire, manufacturers of china—Ap- pleton and Co. Catherine Court, Trinity Square, tea-dealers—Blackburn and Co. Wake- field, dyers—Hulse and Schletter, Birmingham, bedstead-manufacturers—S. and W. lioldsworth, Driglington, millers—Biodget and Hills, Liverpool, ship-chandlers—Smith and Greenhalgh, Rosebank, Lancashire, engravers to calico printers—Scott and Co. Red Lion Street, Bloomsbury, jewellers ; as far as regards A. Scott.—Baker and Hart, Lit- tlehampton, Sussex, grocers—Ansell and Cuipers, Rathbone Place, lithographers.


Coms, HENRY Pzeasou, Wickham Market, Suffolk, innkeeper.


Baoannsen, Davin, and HaLcao, Atrouwirs JOHN, Leeds, stock-brokers, to surrender March 26, April 16: solicitors, Messrs. Williamson and Co. Gray's Inn ; Mr. Cariss, Leeds, official assignee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

GRIFFITH, MILES, and PEARSON, PERM?, New Bond Street, tailors, March 20, April 24: solicitors, Messrs. Wood and Fraser, Dean Street, Soho; official assIgnee, Mr. Pennell, Gulldhall Chambers.

HARDING, WILLIAM, Stockport, cotton-manufacturer, March 25, April 15: solicitors, Mr. Coppock, Cleveland Row, St. James's ; Messrs. Coppoek and Woollam, Stockport ; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester. HUBERT, THOMAS, Great Hall, Hungerford Market, lighterman, March 24, April 30: solicitor, Mr. Tribe, Barge Yard Chambers, Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

SHIPTON, AARON, and JENKINS, JOSEPH WYSE, Painswick, Gloucestershire, clothiers, March 30, April 27: solicitor, Mr. Paris, Stroud ; official assignee, Mr Hutton, Bristol. S(HOLEFIELD, JOSEPH, Cheapside, Culler, March 24, April 24: solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Langford, Friday Street ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard. SUTTON, THOMAS, junior, Atherstone, draper, March 24, April 28: solicitors, Mr. Wratlalaw, Rugby ; Messrs. Tarleton aud Newton, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Yalpy, Birmingham. WEST, JOsEPH ELLm, and TENNANT, HENIY, Leeds, stock-brokers, March 24, April 13: solicitors, Mr. Walker, Furnival's inn; Mr. Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Kynaston, Leeds. DIVIDENDS.

April 6, Evill and Dowglaas, Vigo Street, cloth-manufacturers—April 7, Froesehlen and Price, Dover Street, Piccadilly, tailors—April 7, Leman and Bryan, Upper Thames Street, whartIngers—April 7, DPEntire, Paternoster Row, commission-agent—April 3, Marshall, Holborn, tallow-melter—April 3, Evans, High Street, Shoreditch, cheese- monger—April 9, Ar.drews, Plymouth, apothecary— April 4, South, Spittlegate, Lin- colnshire, mat tater—April 6, Collins, Salford, Lancashire, brewer—April 7, Nightingale, Rusholme, Lancashire, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, On the day of meeting.

April 6, Ward, Manchester, auctioneer—April 3, Cleary, Church Road, De Beauvoir Square, builder—April 6, Brown, Liverpool, joiner—April 9, Sykes, Doncaster, hosier— April 4, Nash junior, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, builder.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before April 3.

Barber, Denham Springs, Lancashire, calico-printer—Senior, Sheffield, hosier— Brooke, Gooderstone, Norfolk, miller—Wilson, Globe Wharf, Mile-End, builder—Bryan, Upper Thames Street, svharfinger—Rayner, Rougham, Norfolk, victualler—Wookey and Hare, Bristol, drapers—Dixon, Long Lane, Bermondsey, currier.


Walker, Rochdale, tailor ; first div. of Is. 4d, March 24, or any subsequent Tuesday ; at 35, George Street, Manchester—Thornlley, Broadbottom, Cheshire, grocer ; second div. of 6d. March 24, or any subsequent Tuesday ; at 35, George Street, Manchester- Marland junior, Todmorden, Lancashire, roller-maker ; first div. of 9s. April 7, or any subsequent Tuesday ; at 35, George Street, Manchester—Ayton, South Shields, linen- draper ; second div. of 3d. any Saturday ; at 57, Grey Street, Neweastle-upon-Tyne--- Dow le, Chepstow, wine-merchant ; second city. of 81. any Wednesday ; at 19, St. Augustine'a Place, Bristol—Selden and Hynde, Liverpool, merchants ; further div. of 81d. March 25, or any subsequent Wednesday ; at 12, Cook Street, Liverpool.


ROBERTSON, J., Glasgow, iron-merchant, March 20, April 17.

STEVENSON, IL, and Co., Glasgow, sewed muslin-manufacturers, March l7, April 7.