14 MARCH 1846, Page 19


WAR-OFFICE, March 13.-7th Drag. Guards—Major-Gen. Sir G. Scovell, K.C.B. to be Col. vice Gen. Sir E. Lloyd, dec. 7th Light Drags.—Major-Gen. Sir W. Tuyll to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Keorney, dec. 13th Foot—Major-Gen. Sir W. M. Gomm, K.C.B. to be Col. vice Col. Sir It. H. Sale, G.C.B. killed In action. 46th Foot—Quar- termaster-Serg. S. Scoltock to be Quartermaster, Vice Allan, dec. 50th Foot—Assist.- Sung. J. II. Brummeil, from 40th Foot, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Graydon, killed in action. 65th Foot—W. F. T. Marshall, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Hart, appointed to the 80th Foot. 80th Foot—Ensign E. B. Hart, from the 65th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Grove, who resigns. 86th Foot—Ensign D. Gendity to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Sparks, who retires ; O.B. H. Oriebar, Gent, to be Ensign,by purchase, vice Celerity.

Hospital Staff.—Assist.-Surg. C. C. .T. Delmege, from 27th Foot, to be Staff Burg. of second class, vice D. J. Magrath, M.D. who retires upon half-pay.