14 MARCH 1846, Page 19

This collection of pieces, complete in a vocal form and

printed in the proper clefs for score-reading, promises to combine the agreeable and the

useful in a manner seldom realized by publications affecting a permanent and classical character. Amidst a variety of established and favourite compositions, we find pieces that are novelties to the musician; and the re- markable double chorus of Telemann, the contemporary of Handel, which appears in the first number, is of this kind. From the stores of the volumi- nous contrapuntist George Philip Telemann, many acceptable additions to our choral stock may be gained; and we trust that the editor will draw largely from this source. Madrigals, glees, and some modern Gentian part songs, give variety to the secular portion; and we can safely recom- mend the whole as a stock of good music, either for families vocal socie ties, or the student of scores, who may here find ample material for perusal.