14 MARCH 1857, Page 10

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ITIIIIIT—The Government has met with a check from a quarter where it might have been least expected—the Council of State. At a meeting of that body on the 6th instant, the Emperor proposed that a tax should be imposed on transferable securities; and the Council rejetced a proposal 'which occupied a prominent position in the address with which the Emperor opened the session.

The Neuchatel conference makes no way : nothing has been done since the first meeting. Prince Daniel of Montenegro and his wife have arrived at Paris on a visit.

The Police Court of Paris has given judgment in the case of the Docks Napoleon. M. Oral was acquitted; M. Cusm Was sentenced to imprisonment for three years and to pay a fine of 5000 franca; Arthur Berryer, imprisonment for two years and a fine of 5000 francs; Legentire, imprisonment for one year and 5000 francs fine; Duchesne de Vere prisonment for six months and a fine of 2000 francs • and by a fUrther judgment they were sentenced to refund the sums fraudulently appropriated. tat].—The Emperor left Milan on the 4th, and reached Vienna on Thursday. Marshal Radetzky issued an address to the army on the 1st, very characteristic of the old soldier " Soldiers, I bid you no farewell, for I shall remain amongst you. I leave to more youthful strength the arduous duty of forming and training' you, so as to enable me again to show at the decisive moment, should the Mee of our beloved Monarch summon me peradventure again, that the sword which I have borne for seventy-two years, Radon many a battle-field, remains still firm in my grasp. But I must thank you for your confidence, your attachment to my person, your discipline, your devotedness and valour, that have led us on to so many victories, gaining the admiration and esteem of the world. Willingly do I repeat, what I said to you at the end of the year 1818, that the glory, which, -like the evening glow after a fine day is shed over the evening of my life, is your work. To your courage do I owe what I have done ; your military virtues wove for me the crown that now adorns my hoary head, hy the supreme favour of our exalted Emperor and Commander-in-chief. Receive my thanks for this, soldiers ! Keep this in constant remembrance, and you will, I am convinced, preserve the rights of your Emperor and the honour of your arms unto the death. Long live our beloved Emperor, Francis Joseph !" The Neapolitan Gazette published a royal decree on the occasion of the birth-day of the Prince Royal, granting a remission or diminution of punishments inflicted for misdemeanours or other contraventions of the law.

nssia.—The Journal des Debate publishes the following statement. "We have received," says the Dibats, "direct accounts from St. Petersburg to the 2d. Prince Gortchakoff had read with great surprise the despatch addressed by Count de Buol to Count Pear, to be communicated to Count de Cavour, and had also read the reply of the latter. He does not, he says, understand the step taken by Austria, and cannot approve of it. There is therefore reason to think that the Cabinet of St. Petersburg will unite its representations to those of France and England, to induce Austria not to follow up her remonstrances to the Sardinian Government."

giittf5.—The Europa arrived at Liverpool on Sunday, with advices from New York to the 24th February. It was then understood that Mr. Cass would succeed Mr. Marcy in the State Department. The Amended Tariff Bill had passed both Houses. It makes but little change in the tariff of 1846. One of the provisions, is that only wool of the value at the port of importation of 15 cents per pound or less, or 50 tents per pound or over, shall be free ; lead, hemp, iron, and sugar, remain as at present.

The report of the Committee of investigation into the alleged corruption of members was before the House of Representatives. It recommended the expulsion of four members ; but the evidence as published does not convict them of having actually received bribes, only showing that they exhibited under certain circumstances a readiness to be influenced by such considerations.

S dia.—The telegraphic summary of the overland mail arrived in London on Thursday. It reports, that "the conferences between Sir John Lawrence and Best Mohammed broke up on the 28th January, when the Ameer departed for Cabul. It was asserted that a British Residency was about to be established at Candahar."

i 11 8.--Intelli8ence from Hongkong, vies the overland mail, has been published to the 30th January. It contains little that is new.

"At Hongkong the attempt made to poison the European community had caused great consternation : one of the partners in a Chiuese bakery had been arrested and committed for trial, with nine other Chinese. Admiral Seymour, at Canton, had withdrawn from the Factory gardens and the Dutch Folly. In reply to the treacherous attempts made by the Chinese against British life and property, the Western suburbs of Canton had been burned down.

"At Hongkong the exchange was at 48. 8fd. to 43. 9id. At Foochow, teas were arriving slowly, and prices were high. At Shanghai, holders were looking for a further rise. The silk settlements amounted to 2000 bales, with ten dollars advance. Exchange at Shanghai was at 6s. 8d."

The hionikter de la Flotte publishes a translatien of a proclamation issued by Te.hin-Too, the Mandarin Governor of Whampoa, calling upon the Chinese to kill the "infamous foreigners," and espeeislly Englishmen, wherever they can be found. Other Mandarins have issued similar commands ; but "at many places, and especially at Shanghai, these orders have not been carried into effect."

t le a.—The news from Bushire brought by the overland mail reads like a repetition of the contents of the previous mail. The health of the army is good; provisions are abundant ; no further operations had been undertaken down to the 23d January. General Outram had not at that date reached Bushire.