14 MARCH 1941, Page 2

German Propaganda in the East

More evidence of the persistence and versatility of Gaol propaganda, even in regions which should be far more oixl to British influences than to Nazi, is given by the special respondent of the Daily Telegraph in Cairo. Throughout the Near and Middle East German agents are indefatigable. Ike are paid whisperers in Cairo and in Baghdad who talk and spread their falsehoods in the bazaars, and wherever pock are gathered together. It is stated that there are too,000 loud- speakers in the Near East which repeat the stories given cc on the Berlin and Bari radios. In Teheran the German legs tion employs hundreds of propaganda agents, and even French newspaper there gets nearly all its news from tb' official German news agency. To the people of each count!! Germany promises what they desire—to the Arabs din the Jews will be driven out of Palestine by Germany. and 0 the Fellaheen of Egypt that the power of the Pashas Will broken. No doubt this is only one side of the picture. Gat° propaganda is ubiquitous, and has its effect on credulous c( excitable people—a large part of the world is credulous. and capable of excitement. None the less, some credit should t4 given to the slow-moving, inelastic, but reliable propag0 which the B.B.C. and other British agencies promote. MI is a regular service of Arabic broadcasts from London, but the Telegraph correspondent suggests that it could be considerably improved.