14 MARCH 1941, Page 2

Movement in the Balkans

German troops continue their march across Bulgaria towards the Greek and Turkish frontiers, and it is estimated that I or 12 divisions, including heavy armoured divisions, are now south of the Danube. They have been favoured by good weather, but even so it is reported that the poor roads are breaking up under the weight of heavy tanks. Their dis- positions might indicate an attack either on Turkey or on Greece, and if the former is the objective the Turks are ready, though it is more probable that the assault, if it is delivered, will be on the Greek front. But, as had been anticipated, the diplomatic centre of interest in the Balkans has now shifted to Yugoslavia. Hitler is intent upon winning every advantage that he can by intimidation before he starts fighting. If Yugoslavia can be induced to yield to his threats and join the Axis, the occupation of her territory would offer him far the best starting-point for an attack on Greece. But the Yugoslav Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have not (at the moment of writing) been persuaded to go to Germany to sign a " pact of friendship," and there are evidences both among the population and in Army circles of strong feeling against any step which would turn Yugoslavia's rulers into Hitler's vassals. If this spirited country can steel herself to stand firm against German demands it by no means follows that Germany is prepared to create a new enemy by attacking her. As for Greece, she is resolutely preparing for whatever may befall. Her plans and the British have been concerted in the closest co-operation, and in full harmony with those of Turkey.