14 MARCH 1941, Page 27

" THE SPECTATOR " CROSSWORD No. 105 lA p , :ze of

r Book Token lot one guinea mill b: given to the sender of the first coned solutwn of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be naked t:rth the words " Crossword Puzzle " and the NUMBER of the PUZZLE, std should be received not later than first post on Tuesday meek. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. Solutions should be on the form appearing below The name of the winner and the solution will be published in the follow- ing iSInC. Envelopes containing solutions must bear a aid stamp, otherwise they re sur,harged on delivery. Solutions from the U.S.A. cannot be accepted.)

t. Not what Shakespeare meant by " shining morning face " (2 words) (it, 4).

7. As Mrs. Malaprop might have said, " the one after the last and then some" (15).

9. It's often in the soup (4). to. Snug I make it (5).

IL Failed to make a contact in the fog (4).

15. One could not want a better example, so to speak (2 words) (3, to).

17. Some call this fruit an avocado (2 words) (9, 4).

19. Silence them in the Ark (4). 2o. Brink (5).

22. Stevenson's was half-full of water and stars (4).

25. He undertook to encompass the globe in slightly less than three-quarters of an hour (2 words) (5, to).

26. His turn was certainly a good turn from his point of view (2 words) (4, t).

DOWN 2. Hairdresser's favourite char- acter in fiction (7).

3. A little work in me (4)- 4. One makes poles asunder (5).

5. A piece of pie turns up with the doctor (4).

6. " Look, what thy soul holds dear, - it To lie that way thou goest " (Shakespeare) (7).

8. House agents don't offer a pro- tracted hindrance (2 words) (4, 3).

9. Apprehensive cash? (7).

12. Not a large muster on the parade ground: part of a plant, no doubt (7).

13. "- hath more terror in his look, Much more than death " (Shakespeare) (5).

14. The right word for this sort of puzzle (5).

16. Theotocopuli (2 words) (2, 5).

17. Alice is confused about the medical man (7).

18. The sand hill capsizes, en- veloping the apostle (7).

21. The Swiss botanist was poetic at heart (5).

23. " The frolic architecture of the -" (Emerson) (4).

24. Let there be an amalgamation (4).