14 MARCH 1941, Page 3

A number of other points have been raised by various

members, all of which point to the usefulness of Parliamentary criticism. Some valuable concessions have been made on the Means Test Bill, due to the rebellion of a group of Labour members. There is a growing uneasiness about the arbitrary procedure at the B.B.C., and Mr. Duff Cooper will be wise if he appoints some additional governors to prevent a re- currence of recent events. Miss Megan Lloyd- George made a neat and telling speech on the inadequacy of salvage arrange- ments, and the lack of co-operation between the Ministers of Supply and Agriculture. So the battle goes on. Democracy is at work, even with a united Parliament—perhaps better for the fact of a united Parliament—correcting abuses, pulling up the executive and keeping the Government in touch with the wide expanse of public opinion. The visit of Mr. Menzies to a crowded meeting of members was a tonic from Australia, and it gave fresh heart to all those who listened to him. Now Jamaica is to have adult suffrage, an announcement made in answer to a question. I hope that the country is being educated to the vast changes which almost every week reveals. There is room for a greater pride and a much greater know- ledge to be spread among the people.